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Basic Design Principles For Your Website

The best graphic designers often possess natural given talent, along with years of specialized training, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create lovely image assets for your blog or website.  I remember early on I took a number of classes in photoshop to be able to...

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Why Your Blog Needs Visually Appealing Graphics

When I review websites for many of my clients, most do not have a blog.  When they do, their blog posts are not at all visually appealing.  Nothing compels you to continue reading. You’ve probably heard that content is king. While it’s true that quality content is...

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5 Tips For Selling Without Selling

Most business owners will tell you that they hate selling.  Even salespeople will tell you that they don’t like selling. But here’s the thing.  At one time or another, every business owner must engage in selling. You must sell your products, your services, and...

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How To Sell Without Actually Selling

The other day I was watching an episode of The Profit.  The owner had a product line for Fly Fishing.  Anyway,  his office manager was asked by Marcus what she would like her role to be in the business...

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Is Video Marketing Worth The Cost?

Is Video Marketing Worth It?  This is a question I'm asked time and again.  Let me ask you.. Have you seen your competitors using video? Then chances are they are not worried about the cost but rather the return on investment But you might be wondering are their...

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9 Important Ways To Get To Know Your Staff Better

It never ceases to amaze me that in many workplaces no one really knows each other. But study after study shows that the reason for a high turnover isn't always lack of pay or benefits (although that can play into it) but a problem with company culture or lack of...

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