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Is Video Marketing Worth The Cost?

Is Video Marketing Worth It?  This is a question I'm asked time and again.  Let me ask you.. Have you seen your competitors using video? Then chances are they are not worried about the cost but rather the return on investment But you might be wondering are their...

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9 Important Ways To Get To Know Your Staff Better

It never ceases to amaze me that in many workplaces no one really knows each other. But study after study shows that the reason for a high turnover isn't always lack of pay or benefits (although that can play into it) but a problem with company culture or lack of...

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5 Ways Dentists Can Attract More Patients

Are you a dentist looking to generate more leads for your practice?  Most dentists will say the same thing.  The hardest part of their job is getting new patients into the chair. Sound Familiar? Here are 5 strategies that have worked for other dentists.  With a little...

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5 Steps To Creating Cornerstone Content

As a business owner you there are many aspects of marketing you need to be aware of. Cornerstone content is one of those marketing strategies. The term “cornerstone content” might be new to you so let’s define what it is. Cornerstone content is evergreen web page...

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How Chiropractors Get Their Facebook Posts Noticed

If you've been doing any type of Facebook content marketing you know, it can take time a lot of time and effort.  But you also know that getting your chiropractic Facebook posts noticed is important for marketing your practice. You might have a staff member dedicated...

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