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One thing you cannot fake on social media is authenticity. If you try to put across a fake persona that is not you, eventually people will find out, and your reputation will be ruined.

Part of speaking your market’s language is not so that you can trick them into buying into something that doesn’t help them or make their lives better; it’s so that you can be more authentic and attractive to your target audience.

Let’s talk about some tips to make you more authentic online.

Be Yourself

No one else can be you. It’s one thing to learn the type of language that your target audience uses to describe their problems and concerns; it’s another to try to be someone you’re not. For example, if your audience wants to be successful bloggers, and you’ve never had a successful blog, don’t try to pass yourself off as a millionaire blogger if you’re not. That’s just wrong.

Show Your Personality

Only you can be you. You don’t have to be the same as everyone else, even while learning their language. It’s okay to be different while being a part of the audience because everyone in the audience isn’t a duplicate copy of the next person.

Don’t Be Too Scripted

Grow Brand Awareness

You want to come off as an average person using natural language, so avoid being too scripted. Sure, you want to get a particular message across, but you don’t want to sound like everyone else either. Understanding the word usage, terms used, and tone of the audience is fine but put it together in your own way.  That’s what will make you stand out as unique.

Show Empathy

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Your audience is going to appreciate you more if you can put yourself in their shoes. You don’t have to experience the same thing to be empathetic.  It’s not necessary for you to lie or even share your situation.  Instead, you can let people know that you support them and are sorry or happy for them.

Update Your Profiles

Ensure that your social media profiles match your brand and designate you as a member of the community you’re trying to infiltrate and learn more about. That way, no one will be untrusting and avoid sharing information with you.

Finally, put all that together and use the right language that your audience most understands and resonates with. If you get it wrong, it could be a disaster.

In order to speak the language of your target market, you have to know who they are.  That’s what I’ll share in my next blog post so make sure you stop back!

Toni Nelson is an Award-winning Photographer, Videographer, Author, Speaker, Marketing Consultant helping business to be seen and heard locally, globally, 24/7